Details on our upcoming File Integrity Monitoring solution!

After working with dozens of organizations on File Integrity Monitoring implementations and configurations, we have identified the most useful features and packed them into a comprehensive yet simple platform.

File Integrity Monitoring or FIM is a fundamental necessity for an effective security posture. FIM is also required by almost every cybersecurity compliance regulation.

Common compliance regulations that require FIM:

  • SOX

What is special about our proprietary FIM solution?

Simplified Deployment - A FIM should be easy to deploy and simple to manage. We are putting user experience at the forefront of our design & development process.

Baseline File Crosschecking - To ensure you baseline the right files in the right state. This is a built-in extra layer of security.

Configuration - A huge existing problem with current FIM solutions is their association to extra noise when it comes to monitoring alarms. We are solving that problem with flexible and easy configuration settings.

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